Socially Distant Summer

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Many people – myself included – had different plans when it comes to Summer 2020. Contrary to popular belief though, Summer 2020 is not canceled. There are so many fun activities you can do to get active, have fun with loved ones, and stay safe!




Start an herb garden!

This may be my new personal favorite. You can use your homegrown herbs when cooking or making refreshing summer drinks! Whether you live in a home with a yard or in an apartment in the city this is something everyone can do! If you have tin cans or mason jars lying around you can head to your local plant shop to get the soil and seeds. You can get really creative with this and paint your cans and customize your labels for the herbs.


Play Outside!

Go back to your childhood and bring back all your favorite outdoor games. You can have a water balloon fight, slip and slide, grab some water guns, and have a water gun fight! Head to the beach and build sandcastles. If you have friends, family, or a dog around you can grab a ball or Frisbee and play catch! There are so many activities you can do safely that are fun and able to be done at a distance with your friends and family!


Socially Distant Picnic! Put together a basket or bag with your blanket, reusable utensils and favorite insulated mug. Camping hammocks are also a must-have for the perfect picnic set up. Grab take out or show off your new cooking skills and head to a park near you. Boston Commons, The Wharf, or Harvard Yard are all great places to set up and enjoy a meal with friends and family.


Spread Positivity!

We are currently living through history that will be soon be taught in classes. Though it has not been the easiest of times, people are coming together to help each other. It can be as easy as saying “hi” from across the street. It is hard to see facial expressions through masks so vocalize your kindness. Spread positivity to your community by making signs to put in your windows so people see them walking by OR grab some chalk and draw all-around your neighborhood!  


If there is one thing we can all take away from this time it should be how important it is to keep each other safe and healthy. Not just physical health but also mental! So spend time with people that make you happy! Just stay six feet apart and don’t forget your mask and sunscreen!

Featured Image Source: – By: Karen McFeaters

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