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About CollegeFest

Everyone loves free stuff right? Whether it’s a free T, food samples, exclusive discounts, or the chance to win some amazing prizes, CollegeFest hooks you up with all of the brands that want to give YOU a reward, just for being a college student. Want the chance to get free stuff and win all year long? Be sure to become a CollegeFest Insider! You’ll be the first to know about new events and giveaways.
CollegeFest is all about bringing students together to create an unforgettable experience. We hold our events at the coolest venues and bring in the best brands and bands to give college students the opportunity to explore their cities and their new found freedom. It’s everything you’re looking for, right in one place. Keep checking back, as CollegeFest expands around the country. Or sign up to become a CollegeFest Insider, to ensure you’re always in the know.

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CollegeFest presents an unmatched consumer offering for college students by unique and engaging experiences from locally and nationally recognized brands, to form the biggest back to school celebrations. Reach thousands of students at once at our large scale events. Complete the fields below for more information on CollegeFest. You can also contact us for information on reaching students across the country.